Monday, January 28, 2008

AM I AM - The People

word up. Take a listen to this. Am I Am from Ozone spits on Common's The People instrumental. Look out for Am and his mixtape AMSOUTH Mixtape and find more from him here.

He'll also be on the OSOTS tour with yours truly in late march early april.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

First Rza, Then NeeM

Its been longer than i'd like since my last blog post here, and i have reason for it. So, about 4 days ago, i woke up to find water coming through my light fixture in the bed room. The light its self was sparking. At first it thought it had rained outside, and something was just leaking. I wasnt fully awake yet, so things werent coming together. Then I reallized, it hadnt rained at all. The water started to get heavier and heavier, and at first i was trying to Catch it with a bucket, but then i thought that maybe this bucket wasn't enough. It was then that I began to move all of my most important equipment out of my room. My computer first, then production tools..... just as i was gettin most of my stuff out, the ceiling collapsed and water poured into my room like the day God told Noah about. The floor was soaked and floor, some of my records were damaged...then i reached to pick up a record and the water electrocuted me. I was suspended around 3 seconds and it burned my arm and hand. i was knocked back to the kitchen, where i put a dent into the stove with my head. That day wasnt a good day.

Ironically....all this happened on the day the lease was signed for my new apartment. Great. This couldn't have happened one week later?
its all good...long as im alive and my stuff is good. Im outtie 500.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


on the audio player to your right, a beat i made is playing. This beat is exactly as it is named, a Dedication to Donuts, the last project J Dilla released alive. He is easily my biggest influence, and on Donuts, he used a style/technique of chopping samples so precisely that I had never heard before. This in no way is my attempt at biting or calling the style my own, but only my take on what I consider the greatest producer ever, did on that project. From my perspective, there was a certain texture of sampling, a certain "not where u would normally chop" style of chops, and an ingenius subtle use of drums already in the sample chopped.
Forever a student, I am.

Turn it up, niggas!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


look no further. great facility. Trust Me. Low Pricing. You SERIOUSLY can not find something this great at this price. The epitome of professional recordings in an inspiring atmosphere is waiting.
Send me a myspace message for more details, or email

I can get you the sound that you want.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Supastition: Worst Enemy, BlakOut: Freedom WAX

currently sold out at

you better get one while u can!!!
they'll be back at soon check back, or just go to 
the OSOTS site and buy one, NOW.

you know your in the music business when your tired of people owing you money.
im out.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

NeMo+Butta Verses


I dont think ive explained this yet man. I DO LIVE OFF MUSIC. 100 percent. Im an Engineer at Quad Studios, NYC, but production is where the bulk is at. So don't ask me to do what i do to live, for FREE. THANKS:)

Back to the task at hand. New music from Butta Verses n NeeM comin soon. Shout out to DJ, thats right, DJ, Reams. Reams if u readin this, u will forever be DJ REAMS. He on the phones now, emailin, grindin, hustlin in the streets...i dont care man..u still DJ, Several times in the last year Butta, Reams and I hit Quad up and recorded some craziness. One time AButta from Natural Elements came threw as well and we recorded a joint over a TzaR beat. Wheeew. Ok.

Shout out to Curt Mathematics aka Secret. Damnit hit me up...u know my

What goes around is all around man.
Another Shout out to Majestik Legend in Detroit. IMAKEMADBEATS.....:)
ps. I love my 303.

Shout out to Shinobi Stalin. Got around to mixing his project...he's got some good music for yah cop eventually. ooooozzonneee!!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

speaking of WU related people.....

this is the funniest ever.

Shout Out to Madness for postin this on the Ozone Hiphop forum ( link: )

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


is spent making a beat. They dont call me "MadBeats" for nothing man. 

Just in case u all don't know...the channel all my youtube videos are under is called "Grime Life TV." This was an idea from TzaR to show the come up of UJE artists and their affiliates. Shout out to Relz for holdin us down with that. 
Beretta catchin a nap after writin. He look like hes gone fam!
So right now MidaZ, TzaR and homie Beretta 9 of Killarmy are preppin Beretta's album to released under RZA's label in the OZONE...aka Orlando. They are going thru beats and choosing album worthy cuts. One beat i did for him, i did on the spot on video chat. Technology is crazy fam, but it aint messin wit bein actually there. I had to stay in NY cuz of some other problems...but TZ, the other half of ST, is holdin me down.

THE OSOTS BLOG SITE is officially up. check it out here:
A lot of things goin on....i'll wait to let yall know:)