Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shout Out To Koch Canada!!!

But...for what exactly??

Hmmmm...who knows...

MidaZ and I have been in the streets or the lab daily. Its been nothing but networking, recordings, plotting and scheming. One of my cousins called the cops on me over some BS the other day. Im glad hes gone back to where the #()& he came from, and *(^# the POLICE...too. Its been a crazy ass last 7 days. Before that was all peaceful and easy working. Im not sure what happened, but everything is going sideways. Stress life.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Music Industry...You know Your apart of it whennnn..

You gotta ask for your money over and over. And yeah, I aint talkin about YOU...youngin. That person knows who they are.

Anyway...MidaZ in NYC. We are mixing MidaZ vs Pete Rock. Shout out to all those that came through on this project.
Shout out to my nigga in the OX, Roc C. If you dont know him (Stonesthrow, Move Pt2 prod by Dilla, mad other shit) u need to get acquainted. Well, I guess if you visit this blog, you WILL get more acquainted....hint hint project hint hint. Shout to my nig Magestik Legend in the D. He'll be out in NY for CMJ later this year. LOOK OUT for him.