Friday, January 30, 2009

New Transcontinental Video: Won't Fall / Imagine That feat. Rakaa Iriscience

Roc C and IMAKEMADBEATS are The Transcontinental - Wont Fall ft. Rakaa Iriscience / Imagine That from IMAKEMADBEATS on Vimeo.

New Year.....

Damn its been a minute since an update...thats only because ive been deep deep deep in the trenches of work. A lot of new stuff in the works.


2. Working on a new project with the homey Felony from my crew Paradox. He rests in Tdot. Already got something ready for a leak with my homey my man Butta stay looking out.

3. IMAKEMADBEATS and _________ word?

4. The Transcontinental - we have a new video coming soon for the song "All Im Askin" featuring special appearances from MidaZ The Beast, Ohno, AmIAm, and Grey Matter.

5. I've teamed up with talented producers Greg Barbone aka GBONES and Jimmy Kendrix (just google that, son) to start some new crazy ish for 2009. Lab 95 family. Shout out to Jamilia and NINE.

6. On several of the new Beats and Rhymes cds. Check out

7. New 7inch Vinyl exclusive: Heart n Brain feat. Akrobatik and by TzaRizM.....and MidaZ - New Sh*t prod. by IMAKEMADBEATS......SPRING 09!!! Brought to you by the mighty Domination Recordings.

and a WHOLE bunch of other stuff that I dont wanna speak on:)

and oh yeah....coming out!!