Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blueprint (@printmatic) drops Episode 4 of The Adventures of Blueprint

I've always liked Blueprint's stuff. Some of my homies would put me on to it, or I would overhear someone playing it. Always dope. I saw him perform at SXSW.... smh...Now I must know more about him. Much more. Check out Ep 4 of "The Adventures of Blueprint." I'm a fan. The type of fan that forgets he himself makes music, and listens to another artist simply to enjoy great music. It's great to be that.

Video: Has-Lo "Utero" (@Has_lo)

So last year, the original gangsters at Bloggerhouse.com interviewed me on their online radio show. Eric introduced me to the homey Has-Lo via Skype and soon after sent me some of his music. DOPE. Very dope stuff. So we all have been waiting for his full length to drop, and the time is here. Check out the video for "Utero" now, then go cop his album.
Shout out to Mello Music Group for another dope release, and Bloggerhouse.com for being the original gangsters to put me on to new music.

Has-Lo "Utero" from Mello Music Group on Vimeo.

@Mdotcoop "Doubt"

I met MDotCoop in college in Long Island, NY, and soon after we became partners in college criminal acts. The Rochester native put me on to a lot of good music, some of it being his own. Check it out. First leak from MDotCoop's latest, produced by the owner of this blog. Shout out to Deli Entertainment!

MdotCoop - Doubt(prod. IMAKEMADBEATS) by deliboy

A @TzariZM Beat

Last night I was installing OSX on a friends computer and TzariZM, my brother, emails me a beat to check out. I finished the installation and checked it out. That was a fail move on my part, because that was 30 mins less of having this beat in my life.

Check out how TZ made it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

New dopeness from Blueprint and X:144

Blueprint "So Alive" remix by X:144

from Prefixmag.com
Orlando producer X:144's take on the latest Blueprint release is, like it's source material, wildly insistent. It rides a cavalcade of skittering percussion into a life-affirming, circutious vocal hook, which is grounded by some gritty power chords. Just for good measure, a scuzzy guitar solo burns through the second half, making it the perfect accompaniment to someone running away from an explosion or five. Listen to it again and you'll probably want Janelle Monae on the track. Actually, can someone at Rhymesayers make that call? Like, today?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011