Monday, April 23, 2012

Stage Vintage 1 Tester from Last Year

So around this time last year, I bought a new Korg Stage Vintage 1 keyboard. It's amazing. To give it a good test, I decided to compose something and use nothing but this keyboard. This means no Pro Tools plugins and no external processing. Just using the eq and effects on the keyboard. I'm in love with how natural it sounds. I used a tremolo on the piano ( when I play that alone, i can hear the hammer strike the string...) two different Organs, synth bass, and strings. I just found this going thru some folders on the laptop. I'm listening back, and wanna sample it like I don't have a pro tools session for it.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Wordsworth!

Check out the new joint "Knock On My Door" from emcee Wordsworth(@wordsworthEMC). The homey is dropping The Photo Album June 12th.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

@BlameOne f. @TzariZM & @MidaZ "Put You On" prd by IMMB

Big Shout out to the homey Blame One. Check it out, listen, download, then download the mixtape.

From Doxside Music Group

We get it – it's 2012, we're in the Age of Disposable Blog Music, and there's probably a good chance that the vast majority of new hip hop you've heard in the past few years has…well, fallen flat, to put it nicely. 
Doxside Music Group has been on a mission from the jump to capture that feeling from when rap was actually exciting, and fuse it with a sound that continues to push forward. With that in mind, the crew dropped their second mixtape, Dare Iz A Doxside Vol. 2 in March, and there's no better representation of the caliber of the project's beats and rhymes than in "Put You On." 
Featuring Doxside emcees TzariZM and MidaZ The Beast along with guest vocals from Blame One and production by in-house producer IMAKEMADBEATS, the song harkens back to a time when rappers actually had dope voices, beats actually knocked, and listeners actually hit repeat. We hope you enjoy…and if you haven't already, peep Dare Iz A Doxside Vol. 2 today.