Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grey Matter: The Problem EP FREE DOWNLOAD

Anyone who knows me should know or get to know these guys. I look forward to working with these guys in some form for the rest of my career, and we are just getting started. Listen now, before you catch on too late and everybody laughs at you.

From Domination Recordings:

Now available for free download is "The Problem" EP from Grey Matter. The EP features 6 tracks taken from the upcoming debut album coming soon on Domination Recordings.

About the artist: Grey Matter consists of Illustrate and TEMPERMENTAL. One MC and one Producer. It's a formula that allows each member to showcase their individual craft and allows their music to have a consistent vibe. The group formed in 2001 in Orlando (Ozone), Florida and soon after they released their first single on vinyl "No Question b/c The Problem". It achieved regular rotation on college radio and was picked up by "Music Choice" for the cable TV hip-hop channel. In 2007, they completed a 40 city US tour with the very talented Solillaquists of Sound. They are currently working on music and performing. Outside of music both TEMP and Illa teach audio engineering at Full Sail University in Orlando. Grey Matter has shared the stage with: KRS-One, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Pharoahe Monch, Killah Priest, Guru, Common, Grandmaster Flash, Solillaquists of Sound, Immortal Technique, Chino XL, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Kev Brown, Blakout, The Heart and Brain, Oh No, The Transcontinental, C-Rayz Walz, Butta Verses, Grayskull and Asheru of Unspoken Heard.

1. Strange Times
2. The Kickboxer
3. Same Old Story
4. Dishwater
5. Its All Included
6. The Problem

Free Download: Grey Matter "The Problem" EP

BlakMatter coming soon...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ok. So I mentioned this on Twitter not too long ago, and felt like, hey, let me jus go ahead and throw this out there. I have been pondering the idea/concept of these posts for a while now. Introduction....

IMMB (some people call him NeMo) Presents: REALASS PEOPLE

This segment of my blog will be dedicated to those people I have come across in the industry that I deemed "REALASS PEOPLE." Thats a hard thing to find nowadays. I engineered at Quad Studios for years, and have been freelancing here and there through out NYC for a while.Whether it was production or engineering, I've met some of your favorites, and some of your most hated. Through both categories, REALASS PEOPLE are just hard to find man. So, without further ado, let's get started.


Back when I used to live in Orlando, FL, my UJE crew and I used to drive to Tampa every now and then for shows and to "build" with other FL heads. Long story short,In 2001-02 I met a guy named Slopfunkdust there, and passed him a mix cd I put together of joints I produced with my brother TzaR. He hit me not too long later and saying he liked the stuff, and shortly after introduced me to his friend Illmind. Later,we were working on remixing Akrobatik's latest album, Illmind hit me up and told me he heard my remix, told me he thought it was dope and he wanted to hear more.
Years ago,when I moved to NYC, within the first couple of months I ventured out to a Beatsociety at the Knitting Factory. It was me, Dynas, Slop, and Illmind chillin' outside the spot in the line. Nobody knew who I was really, but Illmind introduced me to what seemed like 39 people. All people i probably should have kept stayed in contact with...ha. Later that night, after mean muggin' in the crowd with Jony Fraze, I couldn't even find where i parked my whip!! Illmind drove me around the area for like 30 minutes to find my car...lol. He offered! I didn't ask. Good people.
Months later... on AIM Illmind hits me saying that he's going to be doing a beat showcase in the Manhattan, and that I can bring out my ASR-10 disks and rock off his beat machine if I wanted to. WORD? are u serious? I mean... it's intimidating rocking next to ILLMIND, but i gotta do it!! Nothing but good positive vibes from the homey. Not once did i get a vibe of "yo, I'm ILLMIND... and your not" from him. And still don't. I don't think anyone does. It's not about the fact that he was willing to help me out necessarily, because anyone will help someone out if they feel its somehow mutually beneficial, but more so that, really, who was I? He didn't have to invite me to rock with him. I was a really quiet person, and still am sometimes, so it wasn't that i was subliminally saying "Yo Illmind, put me on son!" I just played my position, as I still do. Good People. REALASS people. You don't forget stuff like that, however small it may be in the bigger scheme of things. I wish nothing but the best for the homey.
Obviously it takes more than a couple of occurrences to be branded a REALASS PERSON, but I think you can get the picture I am painting of my dealings with the Illmind.

Signing out, till next time... REALASS PEOPLE will continue. I got some surprises for yall.

Friday, July 10, 2009

MidaZ - King

From Domination Recordings:

About MidaZ: There are rappers and there are emcees, but there is only one beast in hip hop, and his name is MidaZ. Repping the Ozone in Orlando, FL, MidaZ's brash delivery, intricate wordplay, and uninhibited personality on the mic have earned him a reputation in hip hop's underground, granting him a reputation that harkens back to days long before 'swag' was a prerequisite for artists.

Aside from his output as one-half of hip hop duo BlakOut (with producer NeMo AKA IMAKEMADBEATS), listeners have heard MidaZ from his slew of mixtape projects, including "Ozone's Finest" with Pete Rock, "Beast Wars", and "Grandmasters: DJ Muggs Vs. MidaZ". He's appeared on records with Blue Sky Black Death, Sabac Red (Non-Phixion), and was most recently tapped by Alchemist to appear on his "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars"
"Gangrene Mix" alongside Oh No, Phat Kat, Royce Da 5'9, Sean Price, Medafor, Roc C, Chino XL, MarvWon, Guilty Simpson, and Evidence.

Since last fall's Smash Mouf Tour with IMAKEMADBEATS, Roc C, Oh No, and Chino XL, MidaZ has been hard at work on a slew of upcoming projects, including his next collaborative mixtape "The El Midaz Affair" (with El Michels Affair), his "Trilogy" project with Beretta 9 and IMAKEMADBEATS, and his official solo debut, "Au". To hold listeners over, MidaZ is dropping a series of freestyles that allow him to go into strict 'beast mode'. This week's freestyle is over the late, great J. Dilla's "King" beat from the recently released Jay Stays Paid.