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To accompany his first solo album, which debuted less than a month ago via Doxside Music Group, producerIMAKEMADBEATS enters the gaming front, releasing IMAKEMADBEATS: The Game, a computer-based alternative to your X-Box which shares the artist's deep passion for production, and lets you-make-mad-beats. The concept for this project originally came during a brainstorming session between Synopse, creator of the IMAKEMADBEATS: The Game, and IMMB himself on how to stand out among other indie labels and best promote the IMAKEMADBEATS album. "We wanted to reach people who love the challenge of video games that may have never heard of me otherwise," explains IMAKEMADBEATS. Synopse also expressed possibility for future expansions of the game, adding that, "There were a few more ideas that were tossed around that you might see in later incarnations."

Setting the stage for the game, the creators have developed a unique storyline for players to get fully immersed: The first show of IMAKEMADBEATS' new tour is right around the corner, but tragedy has struck and all of his beats have been stolen. Now, it's up to you, the player, enlisted as IMMB's assistant engineer to use the virtual midi-controller to help reproduce several of the beats from the IMAKEMADBEATS album in a "Simon Says" style game-play. Available via free download for both Mac and Window platforms, hip-hop fans and gaming enthusiasts alike can take on IMAKEMADBEATS: The Game.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 "IMMB Access Granted"

Wasn't really titled that, but I do explain some things in their producer showcase of me.

"How IMMB almost died making his new album" how Canada's Martyr Magazine titled this interview on their Facebook page. It may not be as dramatic as it initially sounds, but its a good read I think. Shouts to Martyr!

So much has happened since album release

That's I haven't been updating my blog as much as I should. I'll post up some of the more recent press.

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