Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jeye Severe - Yes Blood (prod by Chat One)

Some months ago, the team through a remix contest for my "Return With A Mask On" single featuring MidaZ the Beast and J Freedome. Contestants downloaded the instrumental and dropped a verse explaining their own tales of returning with a mask. The winner was UK emcee Jeye Severe. Son is talented, and he recently passed me some more of his stuff. Check it out. Shouts to Darren at LishMedia.

check out more of his stuff here

Trying to "Unite The Scene" ?

Recently I've been reading and hearing a lot about "uniting our scene." This concept has always been interesting to me and I think most hip-hop scenes have similar discussions/problems. So, I'll throw my copper coins in...

I dont know what's possible, but I will say this. From what I have observed, the most effective way to get attention in the Ozone is to get attention somewhere else.

The one thing I dislike the most about the concept of "uniting the scene" is the idea that I have to act like I like and support something I don't like, or want to support. Whatever happened to getting support because you had true fans, people that would like or buy your music even if they didn't know you personally? It's misleading. "Yeah man, I got mad fans that love my music"...not really, they are just "supporting the scene"so when they have a show, you will come out and support them. When I *support hip-hop* I don't go to the record store and cop a random rap album just because its hip-hop. I purchase an album from an artist I'm a fan of, and most times I've never met him/her. If I come out to your show, it's not because I'm expecting you to come to mine. Guess what...I actually like your show/music, and that's the reason I'm there!

If I like it, I'll buy it. I'll go to the show. Even if it's just the early stages of musicianship, and I see a lot of potential, I'll make sure you know it. It's that simple, and that's how it should be, in my opinion.

If I don't like your music, that doesn't mean I can't chill with you personally. Not at all. Just don't expect me to cop your music because "we are cool."

I hope this isn't being perceived as separating myself from the scene. I think the Ozone has lots of talent. You'll see me shout out those artists on twitter, FB, in person, wherever. I hope the Ozone name grabs attention, and gets the recognition it deserves, similar to the Detroit scene. I don't think that holding hands and singing Kumbaya has to be part of that movement though. I'm not going to spend time trying to get Rapper Joe to like and support Emcee Jack. I think the most valuable lessons are learned through watching another do it, not watching another say it. If you truly want to the scene to unite, and believe it will benefit the scene as a whole, not just yourself, do what you think is right. If it works for those that immediately surround you, people will notice your successes. Lead by example. Some cats tryna unite the scene can't even unite their crew.