Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Bet Video Shoot and Squeeze Radio

Heres a very small clip from the video shoot for "I Bet" feat J Freedome, Von Pea (Tanya Morgan), and Xodus.

I Bet Behind the Scenes Clip from IMAKEMADBEATS on Vimeo.

Shout outs to Sucio Smash and Squeeze Radio for playing the "Lets Go" single from "The Ozone" Mixtape released through Potholes In My Blog.
Check the playlist and listen here:


For those that don't know...

Airing on Thursday nights/Friday mornings from 1:00-5:00am, Squeeze Radio is the place to listen to hip-hop in New York City. In its original incarnation, DJ Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito aka DJ Cucumberslice co-hosted the Stretch & Bobbito Show. In the early 1990s the show was voted “the best hip-hop show of all time” by Source Magazine and “the best hip-hop show in New York” by the Village Voice. Today, Squeeze Radio is hosted by SUCIO SMASH. The show was voted best Hip Hop Show in New York by Time Out New York magazine.

Lets Fly Away.....

So, I don't know if you would call this hip hop or not. I made it with vocalist Mylodic in the studio circa April of this year. We wanted to make something that sounded like how we felt when we surrounded the hookah. Shout out to my hookah heads. Before I tried it I thought it was crack, lol, until my Ethiopian sister IMAN and college homies MDot Coop and Greg Jackson convinced me otherwise. Exclusive download...


Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Day In Church....

starring John Cullen as Butta Verses, IMAKEMADBEATS aka NeMo, and special guests. Coming soon.

TZ N IMMB in Manhattan outside of a CMJ Meet n Greet.

I JUST MADE A FAN PAGE ON FACEBOOK. I'm probably 903251 years late, but I thought Twitter had replaced such things. I guessed wrong. Check me out there. There will be a lot of random stuff that may NOT be on this blog. Plus its the one place people might actually post pics of my actual face.
check it out


This turntable is 12,000 Dollars.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


In alot of my older stuff..the bassline was the main attraction..lol.

So, I uploaded some old beats. They are in the Reverbnation Audio player to the right. I probably won't leave them up for more than 72 hours. Some of these are old, others are old and are joints i feel like would never surface because I made them for me, not necessarily for a rapper. I think every producer has those beats..
Heres a brief story about them...
feel free to leave comments in the CBOX to the right.

Dont Say Nuthin.
I did this about 3-4 days after this single dropped and i got the acapella off the record. I still like this, I think.

Rockey Joint
I made this before I moved to NY, so around 04 I think. I could always see MOP on it. Maybe i should remake it.

303 Hard Rock TZ Instrumental
I made this as soon as I got my 303. I think 05. Tzsr did a song on it. I wont leave this up long, so when TZ releases it, it'll still be new.

Straight Pete
Ha...05. Definitely sounds like Pete to me. I think thats a Rasco Acapella i cut in...

Straight DEE
Definitely One of the hundreds of my easily influenced by Jay Dee beats..lol
No need to even try to hide it. Dilla dog all day. 04 for sure.

S2000 Akai.
Early 2004. Still livin in Tzars living room..lol. Just got the S2000 Rack sampler and was testing it out.

Discovered Synths!!
Ha...I didnt have any sample records when i did this...was really just messin around..came out kinda funked out. This beat is funny to me...I'd rap on it tho!!lol.

Steele n Yuk n Relz
So 05/06 Im an intern at Quad studios and Im recordn my homey Relz. He brings in Steele of Smif n Wessun and Yuk. They need beats..i got this old beat on me from 04. Steele gets maaaaddd hype listenin to it. The rest is history.

Way Back Into Time
Me, Mdotcoop and the homey Liggy J used to freestyle to this in my college dorm. 06 i think.

Listen Love
Shuggie Otis sample. I just like this beat. Still. 04 i think.

SP12 Turbo Eclipse
Straight Sampled everything thru the SP. You can hear it in the piano...

NONE of these beats were on an MPC.

Interested in anything something? send me an email...

Monday, October 19, 2009


Potholes In My Blog will drop "The Ozone" mixed by Dj Ynot.

Heres a tracklisting to give you some insight. Click the picture to enlarge.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swamburger & Optiks – “Woe Is Not Me”

From Potholes In My Blog:

Last week we hit you with “Let’s Go” by IMAKEMADBEATS and Emilio Rojas off the forthcoming The Ozone, which showcases the underground hip hop scene of Orlando, FL and is hitting the interwebs October 20. Here’s one more treat to hold you over:

Swamburger is ¼ of Anti-/Epitaph group Solillaquists of Sound. Optiks is the 2008 Scribble Jam Producer Battle Champion who recently produced the bulk of Blitz the Ambassador’s widely-acclaimed Stereotype. “Woe Is Not Me” is the ridiculously dope result of their collaboration.

If you don’t have this song stuck in your head for weeks, we’ll give you a free download of The Ozone on October 20. And if you do? Then you’ll probably still want to download the mixtape for free when it drops on October 20. Enjoy…

Download/Stream: Swamburger & Optiks – “Woe Is Not Me” [Right Click Save-As] [Usershare]

October 20th: Potholes In My Blog Presents… The Ozone

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From Potholes In My Blog:

Prepare to get thrown into the Ozone. On the heels of our last project Transmitting Live Volume 1, we’re switching gears a bit with a new mixtape highlighting talent both up-and-coming and established out of one of the hottest breeding grounds for underground hip hop…Orlando?!?!?

Don’t sleep – Orlando (aka Ozone) is bursting at the seams with talent, and you’ll understand why when we drop The Ozone on October 20th. To get you ready, we’re leaking a track from the project by IMAKEMADBEATS (yep, he reps Florida) and Emilio Rojas, called ‘Let’s Go.’ It’s some sinister shit. Pass it on…

Download: IMAKEMADBEATS – “Let’s Go” feat. Emilio Rojas [Mediafire]

October 20th: Potholes In My Blog Presents… The Ozone