Monday, December 28, 2009


After being smashed in the face on camera... The creator of "STYLIN ON EM", Nyckz, hit me up on myspace as if I'm supposed to be making fun of him. He proceeds to say we are biting his sh*t. I'm like, man, did you notice we are MAKING FUN of you. lol. THIS AINT SERIOUS. lol.

I told him to "Sit yo ass down" like angry man from MARTIN...

and now years later..i will spread the laughter again.

The Promo Video:

After being hit up by the most famous rapper NYCKZ, when then decided to make our own parody version of being styled on. There are even references to Afro Samurai in it, randomly, lol. I have no idea what we were thinking. I was still in college in Long Island. Shout out to the Long Island Railroad and my man Greg Jackson aka Liggy J. Keep in mind none of this was serious...all in the name of having fun. posts Return With A Mask On.

Of course, its MidaZ with a Z.

Return With A Mask On.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Critical Madness "Bringing Out The Dead" available NOW!! @MrMadness @cRITICAL_of_CM

1. Gods of War
2. Until I've Lost
3. Nuthin U Can Do
4. Where Am I Going? feat. J. Bada
5. Meal Tickets
6. Down the Line
7. 1st Amdendment feat. Sabac Red
8. To the Top feat. Joell Ortiz
9. Live From FL
10. Adult Entertainment
11. Empirical
12. I Know feat. Illustrate of Grey Matter
13. Shot Down
14. Eyes Front feat. Yah Yah & Young Zee
15. Meal Tickets Pt. 2 feat. Little Vic
16. All Jokes Aside feat. Jus One
17. Dropped

Critical Madness Album Sampler:

About the release: Critical Madness (cRITICAL + Madness) is the combination of 2 legendary battle vets who originally met in the orlando hip-hop scene and eventually partnered up after competing for the same crown in the final round of numerous open mic freestyle tournaments. What started as a couple of CM tracks has now manifested into their debut album "Bringing Out The Dead", released through Domination Recordings which features collaborations with Slaughterhouse front man Joell Ortiz as well as Sabac Red, Young Zee, long-time collaborator Little Vic and others. Covering the production side, TEMPERMENTAL produced the bulk of the LP with TzariZM adding his own brand of sickness to the stew. Marco Polo and DC the MIDI alien also contributed to the soon-to-be classic. "BOTD" covers everything from the politics down to pornography using clever lyricism & unique wordplay over infectious melodies laced with some boom bap. It is the experience of a lifetime and gives a slight peek into the influences that created this mind bending duo.

Bringing Out the Dead by Critical Madness - Download Bringing Out the Dead on iTunes

Critical Madness - 'Bringing Out The Dead' (Audio CD) Detail - Underground Hip Hop - Store

Amazon: Bringing Out the Dead: Critical Madness: MP3 Downloads

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Newness from Hezekiah

"it snowed it philly yesterday. i got stuck in the house so i made this music video. "-Hezekiah

Word? Video is FRESH...!! Check it out yall!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Creation (single from the upcoming El @MidaZ Affair)

Iight. So, do I copy and paste the official press release of this single? Or, do i just keep it NeMo TYPE real with you.


Look, just download and listen to this song. Its MidaZ. If you are coming to my blog and don't know who MidaZ is, its about time you learn. I'm trying to not say " ***** download this or you will die."


Did I just, in roundabout way, say it, anyway?

Download: MidaZ – “Creation” [Right Click Save-As] [Bandcamp]


This is a snippet from the 12-12-2009 OUR SHOW Radio broadcast on WPRK 91.5 FM in Orlando, FL. Conshus asked about the Return With A Mask On single and contest, and I answered. We discuss where the concept of the song originated and more. Shout out to Conshus, MidaZ and the Gunbird! For more OUR SHOW radio, visit WWW.ITSOURSHOW.NET .

Be sure to pause the Reverb Nation audio player to the right of this post before clicking play on the radio snippet!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Mixtape: MyGrane McNastee & DJ YNOT

From (shouts to DJ)

Mygrane McNastee is a rappers rapper, a complete emcee. Able to capture listeners with universal vibes, an outstanding voice and electric charisma. The name MyGrane means, one who follows his own grains (ways and means of life). McNastee simply means MC Nasty! Having opened up for numerous established artist including KRS-one, C-Rayz Walz, Clipse, Lady Luck, Cormega, Wu-Tang Clan, has prepared him for what it takes to perform on any stage in the world. MyGrane has also been interviewed on the World Famous Wake up Show by Sway and King Tech on the same mic your favorite emcee has probably been on. Enter his world of Hip Hop, Lyricism, politics, and a spaced out sense of humor for multiple Brain-gasms. Bringing forth originality with content in conjunction with everything under the sun, MyGrane McNastee captures the crowd like no other Rap artist. Now available for free download is the new mixtape from MyGrane McNastee & DJ YNOT!!

Tracklisting & Guests Appearances:

Free Download: MyGrane McNastee & DJ Ynot Mixtape

For more info, check out:

Download: Optiks – The Beat Tape [Mix]


The homie Optiks comes through today with a beat tape he has been crafting for a little while now. Coming in at only 12 minutes, this mix isn’t anything crazy, but it gives you an idea of what the man is working with. Along with this tape, you can expect to see more Optiks in the near future, on the emcee and instrumental tip. Shouts to Blitz the Ambassador on the drops here. And of course you are aware of the masterpiece these two dropped not too long ago in Stereotype. If you have slept on that, I urge you to wake yourself up and cop immediately!

Download: Optiks – The Beat Tape

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Butta Verses on Mick Boogie La De Mixtape

Check Out the homey Butta Verses alongside Rapper Big Pooh and 6th Sense in this tribute to De La Soul and their 20th Anniversary. This was featured on the recent Mick Boogie "La De Soul" Mixtape.

Butta Verses and I will be dropping an EP titled Daylight VERY VERY soon. Stay tuned for a release date.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Return With A Mask On DIGI-SINGLE and CONTEST

Press Release:

"IMAKEMADBEATS drops free digi-single and offers fans a chance to rap on his forthcoming album on Culture Kings Music.

Head-nod maestro IMAKEMADBEATS continues his neck-breaking assault of dopeness with his latest single, “Return With a Mask On.” Featuring MidaZ the Beast (Alchemist’s Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars “Gangrene Mix”) and J.Freedome over a frenetic banger selected from one of the producer’s 2000+ beats, the song offers parallel stories of the stress and anger that causes people to retreat behind their ‘masks’ – and return with a vengeance.

And now IMAKEMADBEATS is giving listeners a chance to tell their own stories. Using the instrumental version of the song included in the free digi-single, fans can record their own verses about when they had to ‘return with a mask on.’ All entries will be posted on the IMAKEMADBEATS bandcamp page for fans to listen to.

IMMB will select one of the submissions to appear on the bonus version of “Return With a Mask On,” from his up-coming IMAKEMADBEATS album, featuring Black Milk, Steele of Smif n Wesson, Von Pea (Tanya Morgan), Hezekiah, and more. The winner will also receive a an IMMB t-shirt and the Japanese import version of IMMB and Roc C’s The Transcontinental, featuring Oh No, Rapper Big Pooh, Chino XL, Wildchild, and more. All submissions can be sent to

“Return With a Mask On” serves as a placeholder to keep fans satiated for the slew of projects that all three artists have on deck for 2010. MidaZ is set to release a free conceptual mixtape called El Midaz Affair (featuring the music of El Michels Affair) in January. J. Freedome will be heavily featured on IMAKEMADBEATS’s upcoming debut album,IMAKEMADBEATS (Culture Kings Music). Additionally, IMAKEMADBEATS will also be releasing the Daylight/Nightlight split-EP, featuring Butta Verses (De La Soul’s The Grind Date) and MidaZ the Beast."

@ShinobiStalin and @Soyisreal..New Music from the Ozone Reps

The homey Shinobi Stalin continues to make dope hip-hop. This time around, he brings up and coming producer SoyIsReal alongside to provide a dramatic boom bap back drop. Download it and enjoy. You want more from these two? Follow them on Twitter:

Shinobi Stalin Nothing Like It prod by SoyIsReal

Monday, December 7, 2009

F*CK the USPS.


So...this story starts just under a month ago. I'm getting a new screen for my MPC shipped to me from Toronto, Canada. On Nov 17th, the tracking shows that it reached Brooklyn, NY. Great, right? WRONG. I didn't get a package that day. The next day, nothing. I call the Post Office, and give them my tracking number. They tell me, "yes we have your package, would you like to pick it up?" I respond with "YES I will be there within the hour. thx!" I hit the train to go to the post office, get there, and they tell me "we don't have your package, we never did." The manager there tells me to call him tommorow morning to further track the package. I call the next day, they tell me they have no idea where the package is. I then call the 1800 number for the USPS. They track the package back to that same Post Office.

Now...this is one week before I drive to Memphis, TN. I'll be in Memphis for a while. So I'm really trying to get this situation solved. For the entire next week, the USPS has no idea, even with a tracking number, where the package is. The day TzaR, Marie, and myself leave NY in my car on a 17 hour journey to Memphis is the day I get an email telling me they tried to deliver my package and a notice was left. The package had been in NY for a week and no one could tell me where it was, until the day I leave NY. Great. I called the post office and told them the entire story. 1 representative was telling me it had been sent back to Toronto, while another was telling me they didnt know what post office it was at. I'm telling them "LOOK AT THE TRACKING NUMBER. ITS AT THE FARRAGUT POST OFFICE. HOW could it be back in Toronto, YOU JUST sent me a notice saying u tried to deliver it to the old address ONE HOUR AGO." I wanted to say "Its at the FARRAGUT POST OFFICE, YOU BITCH" but then I know I would have never got my screen.

After getting someone on the phone who had half a brain, they tell me that the package is "oh that package? yeah thats right downstairs" I asked if I could have someone pick up the package for me. No. Can they send it to me in Memphis? "You have to mail in some paper work" So wait...You fucked up, and keep fuckin up, and I gotta MAIL YOU something, which will take a week, or never reach you at all thanks to YOUR OWN SERVICE INCOMPETENCE. After convincing the manager there to let me fax him some information, he said he'd forward my package to Memphis, TN. A day later, he tells me that the package had been shipped off to Memphis and I should get it within 3 business days. Ok cool.Today was the day I was expecting it........

About an hour or so ago, I get a phone call from my brother TzaR's phone. It was Liz aka @Msphenomenal407. She's telling me she has something of mine that is very important. Turns out, TZ went to my old crib to get some stuff I left behind, and there was my package...just chillin. The delivery date was early last week.


Ok. WHY DID THE USPS tell me it was being DELIVERED TO MEMPHIS? DO THEY KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT ?????????????????????????????? THEY PLAYING GAMES!!!! You lose my screen, then say you found it a week later, give me a hard time about getting it redelivered, say it was redelivered, and it never was!!! YOU DIDNT EVEN HAVE IT TO REDELIVER IT!!!!!!

Stuff like this gets people *********.

So I'm gonna put his name out there. BRIAN FRAZIER at the FARRAGUT USPS station in BROOKLYN...on UTICA AVE. This is the lying bastard. If you see him there, and then later see him walking down the street, don't hesitate to ************, *******, or ********* at him. Let it all out, in the name of IMAKEMADBEATS.

By the way. I still have his fax number. I will fax him a direct link to this page. So if your reading this, Brian, FUCK YOU. You had a smartass mouth on the phone and didn't even know what the fuk you were talking about. This is why the USPS has less than 5 years until it goes out of business.