Monday, December 28, 2009


After being smashed in the face on camera... The creator of "STYLIN ON EM", Nyckz, hit me up on myspace as if I'm supposed to be making fun of him. He proceeds to say we are biting his sh*t. I'm like, man, did you notice we are MAKING FUN of you. lol. THIS AINT SERIOUS. lol.

I told him to "Sit yo ass down" like angry man from MARTIN...

and now years later..i will spread the laughter again.

The Promo Video:

After being hit up by the most famous rapper NYCKZ, when then decided to make our own parody version of being styled on. There are even references to Afro Samurai in it, randomly, lol. I have no idea what we were thinking. I was still in college in Long Island. Shout out to the Long Island Railroad and my man Greg Jackson aka Liggy J. Keep in mind none of this was serious...all in the name of having fun.

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