Wednesday, November 24, 2010

83rd Iconocastic Podcast Is A Thanksgiving Feast For Your Ears

Shouts to Audible Treats

The Podcast:

Iconocastic has returned to bring your ears a pre-Thanksgiving feast. Kicking things off is The Left with "How We Live" featuring Hassaan Mackey, a track complete with a steady beat featuring female vocals.IMAKEMADBEATS follows with decidedly introspective rhymes from Butta Verses balanced by a more lighthearted cameo from Reverend TZ. Kansas native Stik Figa collaborates with producer Oddisee once again for the more mellow "From The Top", which gives way to Rah Digga's in-your-face "Classic." A group track from Focusrounds out this installment, and his "Homage To Ali Shaheed features a host of familiar faces including Von Pea, Donwill, and Chaundon. We're sure this mix will keep you full until the real Thanksgiving, but stay tuned for the next Iconocastic podcast.

The Left - "How We Live" ft. Hassaan Mackey
IMAKEMADBEATS - "How Is Your Soul" feat. Butta Verses & Reverend TZ
Stik Figa & Oddisee - "From The Top"
Rah Digga - "Classic"
Focus - "Homage To Ali Shaheed" ft. Von Pea, Donwill and Chaundon

This is an enhanced podcast, which means that if you play it in iTunes, each song has album artwork and embedded weblinks to the artist’s MySpace page. You can skip from chapter to chapter too.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vets of Kin - Pestilence

01. Yes Yes Yall (prod. by Shinobi Stalin)
02. Hopeless feat. T.B. (prod. by Tone Blare)
03. 360 (prod. by Shinobi Stalin)
04. We MC (prod. by CoDrum)
05. Stargate Troopers (prod. by The KickDrums)
06. Track Bullies (prod. by AMiAM)
07. Up In The Spot (prod. by AMiAM)
08. Quest Link (prod. by N.O.T.E.)
09. MC EMS (Skit)
10. Ciphers Collide (prod. by AMiAM)
11. Drum Spit (prod. by DJ Trax)
12. Trees (prod. by Shinobi Stalin)
13. The Reign feat. N.O.T.E. (prod. by Tone Blare)
14. Break Ice On The 20th (Skit) (prod. by AMiAM & JuniAli)
15. Ceremony (prod. by DarkHorse)
16. Go To War (Skate Rock) (prod. by AMiAM)
17. Transmission (prod. by MF Doom)
18. Outro


After much anticipation the Orlando (Ozone) super group Vets Of Kin (AMiAM, MyGrane McNastee, Murdoc, Shinobi Stalin, JBiz, Unique Assassin, Tone Blare, P!, Word Chemist, Clarity, and John Z. Delorean) has finally released "Pestilence", in association with The Civil Mics Movement and Domination Recordings. This is a compilation of unreleased material spanning from 2006 to the present. Most of the production was handled by the Vets while JuniAli, DJ Trax, The KickDrums, Dark Horse, and N.O.T.E filled in the blanks. This project is a collection of raw lyricism, Dope beats, and a posse cut atmosphere. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whats To Come: @MagestikLegend

"November 30th marks the day Magestik Legend and record label Exchange Bureau release the epic body of music entitled "The Great Escape". This album is the culmination of Magestik's latest music, and by far his best work to date. Now is the final countdown to the album, and so we give you a DIGITAL TRAILER, which includes a major dose of what's to come! The trailer includes Magestik Legend KILLING a verse acapella and further explains the album's title. Check it out and get ready for The Great Escape!"

"The Great Escape" (Album Trailer)

Thank you for your continued support!!

Magestik Legend "The Great Escape" (LP) RELEASE DATE: NOV 30, 2010
Magestik Legend

ML Projects
"To Be Continued...Chapter 2" (hosted by Big Pooh, Mixed by Dj Flash from Little Brother) 2010
"To Be Continued...Chapter 1" (hosted by T3 from Slum Village)
"FREE" Magestik Legend 2007

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MP3:"How Is Your Soul" f. Butta Verses and Reverend TZ

IMAKEMADBEATS Returns With New Track From Dual-EP, Preps Solo Debut

DOWNLOAD: IMAKEMADBEATS feat. Butta Verses & Reverend TZ - How Is Your Soul

The Song:

IMAKEMADBEATS is at it once again. On the new track, "How Is Your Soul," from the forthcoming dual-EP concept album Daylight/Nightlight, the beat-maker enlists rapperButta Verses to lend his emcee-skills. The EP, which is the first music the producer has released since 2009's The Transcontinental, his collaborative project with Roc C, is in preparation for his self-titled debut on Doxside Music Group, set for release in early 2011. Though the nature of the collaborations may differ, still present is IMAKEMADBEATS' scientific approach to music, with every detail and nuance carefully thought out and in its rightful place.

Though the song features a relatively lighthearted cameo from
TzariZM as "Reverend TZ," the subject matter is decidedly more introspective. "We wanted to just let them know how we felt about ourselves," IMAKEMADBEATS explains. Lines like "I'm gonna search for the truth 'till I find what I'm lookin' for / Everything I've found so far just make me look more," over an organ-heavy beat and the words of the aforementioned "Reverend," carry a message without preaching an agenda. "How Is Your Soul" is about asking questions and the result is a startlingly personal first look into IMAKEMADBEATS' newest project.

Listen to "How Is Your Soul" feat. Butta Verses & Reverend TZ here:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lets Take A Trip to 2003 with "Veteran's Day"

@TzariZM dropped Dirty Work, his solo debut. dropped a pretty good review for it. One of my favorite songs on it is called "Veteran's Day."

Monday, November 1, 2010


Finally here.
November 1st is here! Doxside Music Group and Presents Dare Iz A Doxside, an array of songs from the vaults of Doxside’s distinguished and versatile roster mixed by Eric and St. Mic of the Bloggerhouse family. “Dare Iz A Doxside” features exclusive tracks from Doxside artists IMAKEMADBEATS, MidaZ the Beast, Synopse, J Freedome, Ponce Beyond, TzarizM, Heart & The Brain, Butta Verses, Intelx, Phantomshino, Relz, and more. This collection serves as a heads up of what’s to come from the Doxside artists. Download it now and enjoy!