Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whats To Come: @MagestikLegend

"November 30th marks the day Magestik Legend and record label Exchange Bureau release the epic body of music entitled "The Great Escape". This album is the culmination of Magestik's latest music, and by far his best work to date. Now is the final countdown to the album, and so we give you a DIGITAL TRAILER, which includes a major dose of what's to come! The trailer includes Magestik Legend KILLING a verse acapella and further explains the album's title. Check it out and get ready for The Great Escape!"

"The Great Escape" (Album Trailer)

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Magestik Legend "The Great Escape" (LP) RELEASE DATE: NOV 30, 2010
Magestik Legend

ML Projects
"To Be Continued...Chapter 2" (hosted by Big Pooh, Mixed by Dj Flash from Little Brother) 2010
"To Be Continued...Chapter 1" (hosted by T3 from Slum Village)
"FREE" Magestik Legend 2007

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