Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sticky Fingaz Video

son...this man is the This he starts off the verse...
man..classic sticky man. Classic.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Times.... New Music

Wow time flies...when ur having fun? eh, more so like when you need time to go slow cuz theres so much to accomplish in so little time.

First: NEW MUSIC IS UP on The Transcontinental Myspace Page!!
"Still Here" and "Imagine That" featuring Felony are up. I think
I'm just gonna put them up here too. Yeah that sounds like a plan. If you still ain't up on whats happenin', The Transcontinental is Roc 'C' ( and yours truly.

Second: Pete Rock vs. MidaZ is officially available for download @ WWW.MIDAZTHEBEAST.COM
and features the likes of Sabac Red of Non Phixion (he murders it), Roc 'C' (Transcontinental in the building! holla!), Beretta 9 of Killarmy(extended fam) and some random kids named TzarizM and NeMo.

Im already being hit up for hard copies of this. Hit MidaZ at his website. Bug him enough and u get

Third: The Official Smash Tour is getting more dates...including some in Europe and Canada. Coming to a city near you VERY soon.

My man my ace Rocky Baron in LA is doing some crazy graphic animations coming soon. He caught me walking down the street one...and made it a video. Coming soon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


LOL. In other news...
Shout out to DJ Romes for all his help on putting together the Transcontinental album. Big Big shouts to Prince Poe, Oh No, Chino XL, Big Pooh, Mr. Porter, Felony, MidaZ, Wildchild, Rakka Iriscience, and Viva.


is officially starting on OCT 7th in Orlando, FL @ The Social.
The Roster: Oh No (Stones Throw Records/Koch ENT), Roc C and IMAKEMADBEATS (Stones Throw Records/Koch ENT).

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Evolution of IMAKEMADBEATS

It all started with Theo, who is now Marco Polo's manager. "Yo son, imma start callin you mad beats, cuz you got mad beats" . I would respond with " I make mad beats kid".

Years later.... I drew something...bored in a college class with a blind teacher.

I thought it was cool. I took a digital picture of it and thought nothing of it. Before I knew it I was obsessed with this picture....and found the ink in the page literally reaching out to me. It reminded me of Venom's alien symbiote on spiderman. I heard another producer's wack beat and the ink ran away.

Months later, i woke up to this picture in my email:

It was from my man Alucard of Creative Juices. The message said "yo NeeM heres the drawing you wanted me to do. This is just a test run to make sure i got the idea down. Yo son, you ok? when you called me to tell me about this sh*t you sounded mad crazy...kinda possessed or somethin man. Hit me up. Wu Mansion."

Til this day i have no idea of what phone conversation hes talking about. I printed the picture out, and the ink on the page squirmed and made sounds as if it was missing a someone had cut off its arm or something.

Weeks later, I get another email from Alucard. "yo you go, iight man!! damn you can leave me alone. You need to get some help fam. I knew somethin was wrong with you when u appeared at the crib at 4:30am and had somehow climbed to our balcony to ask me for this drawing!! you wild kid!! get help!" I had no idea again what he was talking about. I did notice however that my nights were longer than before.
This was the drawing he sent:

The dark image some how changed me. It was I and I was it. It said on its face the answer to every question someone ever asked me.
NeeM whats for breakfast

It became my existence.

It told me me that its cousin was Maximum Carnage. Shout out to him.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

IDE: Psilasylum

IDE of Creative Juices rehearsing a verse for a show. One of my favorite emcees right his own sound and his wordplay and structure is crazy.

Oh yeah, and hes on Pete Rock Vs MidaZ and IMAKEMADBEATS.