Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Times.... New Music

Wow time flies...when ur having fun? eh, more so like when you need time to go slow cuz theres so much to accomplish in so little time.

First: NEW MUSIC IS UP on The Transcontinental Myspace Page!!
"Still Here" and "Imagine That" featuring Felony are up. I think
I'm just gonna put them up here too. Yeah that sounds like a plan. If you still ain't up on whats happenin', The Transcontinental is Roc 'C' ( and yours truly.

Second: Pete Rock vs. MidaZ is officially available for download @ WWW.MIDAZTHEBEAST.COM
and features the likes of Sabac Red of Non Phixion (he murders it), Roc 'C' (Transcontinental in the building! holla!), Beretta 9 of Killarmy(extended fam) and some random kids named TzarizM and NeMo.

Im already being hit up for hard copies of this. Hit MidaZ at his website. Bug him enough and u get

Third: The Official Smash Tour is getting more dates...including some in Europe and Canada. Coming to a city near you VERY soon.

My man my ace Rocky Baron in LA is doing some crazy graphic animations coming soon. He caught me walking down the street one...and made it a video. Coming soon.

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