Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T3 of Slum Village talks with Dj Dez

From The WJLB Website:

After talking about him on the air, we thought it would be a good idea to call DJ Dez and get his side of the story. He said, "Well, I pretty much took the hint. I wasn't told anything officially. Unfortunately that's kind of the way things have been going. I have yet to talk to or hear from T3."

Then T3 responded, but did not DENY what DJ Dez said...

Dez went on to say, "My problem with T3 stems from not hearing from T3. With all the time we put in, I am deserving of a phone call. Now my thing is, however busy you are... we know you not that busy. You can show me WAY better than you could ever tell me how much you appreciate me. And you have pretty much showed me."

T3 tried to come up with some excuses, but it did not seem too believable... JUST LISTEN FOR YOURSELF

T3 of Slum Village vs Phat Kat

It seems like today is a bittersweet day in hip-hop. I've been waiting on this new Slum Village album for what seems like forever. Now that it's here, theres a football field worth of drama and politics behind it. Being a genuine SV fan, I'm coppin the album, TODAY. Listen to this recording of WJLB's interview with T3 this morning, as Phat Kat basically goes off on the last original member of SV.

Friday, July 23, 2010

@SeanJisSoMean and @SoyisReal "One Step from Greatness"

From Twist of the Civil Mics Movement:

With the WTF? (Who The Flip) mixtape dropping right around the corner, FTG (Flip Them Guys), the Ozone (Orlando) rapper/producer duo of Sean J & Soy, decided to drop one more track before the mixtape release. This time they don't come alone with features from fellow Ozone native, Shinobi Stalin, and Sean J's long time rhyming partner from the HI-State (Hawaii), Daewon. Not only did Soy produced the beat (duh!), but he decided to drop a verse on it as well. This track was originally placed as a bonus song for the internet version of Sean J's free album, A Tree By Itself. The WTF? is mixed by DJ Sureshot and presented by Reign Clothing Boutique. The mixtape is a compilation of past tracks that already been released and 2 new tracks, "DILLIGAF" & "Do Better".

zshare: http://www.zshare.net/audio/784942252706d14d/
mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?bq6d17k6jjpinb1

I Never Get Tired of This Video

love it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"We are Arab, believe us, we are smart."

So, I gotta blog about what just happened. I left my cell phone charger somewhere I can't get to at the moment, and I always wanted a spare, so I went up the street to cop one for the cheap. When I walked in to the Mobile Phone store, I some computers in the corner. They were for sell and one of them was on 99 dollars. A sheet of paper taped to it listed these specs of the machine:

40 gb Hard Drive
1 gb of Ram
2.8ghz of Ram
Pentium 4

Now, at this point I was slightly confused. The only reason I was even reading that deep into it is because it was only $99 and I know people that need a computer. Most people who know ANYTHING about computers can read this sign and notice a problem. Theres a problem with 2.8 ghz of Ram. Ghz is a measurement of speed, not amount of ram. And even if it were measuring the speed of the ram, 2.8 ghz speed ram doesn't exist, especially in an old Dell with a Pentium 4 processor.
So I ask the guy "do you mean the pentium 4 processor is 2.8 ghz?" His initial response is in complete defense, stating he'd bet me money that the computer successfully turns on and works. I told him that's not what I'm asking him. Once I explain to him I'm not saying he is selling a broken machine, he listens further and says that the sign is perfectly correct. That this Dell had 2.8 ghz of Ram. His coworker then comes over saying that the sign is correct and he's willing to bet me $200 that if he turned it on, the specs would read 2.8 ghz of Ram. He told me he had a Masters degree in Computers. I asked him what branch of computer technology. He says all of them. I turn and look at his friend and ask him for my charger so I can leave. His friend says, and I quote, "we are Arab, believe us, we are smart," while I was leaving. I turned around and said told him he probably is smart, but not smart enough to listen when someone is trying to help him sell something. He then fell back, and asked what it should say. I told him to figure it out on his own.

Pride man...wow. A powerful thing. These guys were dead serious.