Saturday, October 20, 2007

CMJ's Percee P and Akrobatik Showcase!!!!

Imma start this one off with the elipsis cuz im not sure i know how to start this off. Let me just start it off how it happened. Im at the crib, TzaR hits me up saying he wants to roll to this Akro show tonight(Tzar Produced a joint on Ak's next album. Look out for that). So TzaR, Marie, and I roll out to Don Hill's. Soon as we walk in we meet Percee P. Got a chance to really build with him. Cool cat. Not too long into the show, Torae hits the show and rips it. Not long after Torae leaves the stage, TzaR and I run into Marco Polo and Emilio Rojas (fomerly known as Raks One). Emilio will be a special guest on the upcoming project IMAKEMADBEATS. Got a chance to show Marco the shirt we did for Supastition that Conshus made for the 7 inch vinyl for "Worst Enemy" prod by Marco Polo. Randomly not too long after that J Live hits the stage. Always loved J Live, and enjoyed the show. Went outside to get some air man, came back in, and Smif n Wess were in the building. Now, keep in mind, the only people on the bill were Percee P, Ak, and Torae. Everyone else just came thru to rock. Got a chance to talk to my man Steele after his set (they tore the place down). He's also on IMAKEMADBEATS, so, stay on the look out for that. Shout out to YUK, btw. So, i go back into the venue. I get word that the mother of my favorite (GOAT) producer of all time, Jay Dee, is in the building. I didnt know what to do. I had to meet her. I will never meet Dilla, not in this lifetime. I had to take a picture with her. And I did. Marie took the picture with her Blackberry Pearl outside where we could get accurate lighting. I had Marie instantly send the picture out to several different locations to make sure if her phone just died, it would be safe. We soon left, and celebrated wit the patented ST PROZ slurpee from 7-11. It was raining by then. No one cared.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Mixing of The Response

i-ight. So,....ahem.
Its no secret im an engineer out of Quad Studios, in Times Square. Meaning i mix and record for the most random of artists. We (BlakOut) did a song called " The Response" that i loved so much, and tried to mix it. It just wasnt coming out the way i wanted. So, being at Quad, u get to know some phenomenal engineers. One of them being the great Ben Arrindell. He's got grammys and platinum plaques at the crib, having cats like Busta Rhymes and Method Man in his discog. Im at his studio about 20 blocks south of Quad with him right now and hes touching this song up somethin lovely b. Wheeeeeww!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Beast Wars Press Release

Orlando emcee/lyrical beast Midaz has been cultivating his raw skills on the
microphone for quite some time, developing a charismatic style unlike any
other that has earned him the title of "your favorite rapper's favorite
rapper." Though he may be a new name to those who have slept on his
previous projects, one listen to his latest project, Beast Wars, shows that
the man is no slouch- it's apparent that his explosive energy won't be
contained for much longer.

As one half of underground group BlakOut, Midaz has built a name for himself
with his witty wordplay, invocative imagery, and frenetic freestyle ability,
collaborating with the likes of Beretta 9, Supastition, Sabac Red, Hell
Razah, Mic Geronimo, Killarmy (Wu-Tang), Louisville Sluggah (Boot Camp
Clik), and more. Beast Wars finds Midaz letting loose in a nonstop lyrical
assault that very well may break rewind buttons worldwide. Featuring
production from Wu-Tang affiliate Beretta 9, Tempermental of Grey Matter,
BlakOut partner Nemo, classic beats and today's hottest tracks alike, Beast
Wars flows together like a mixtape occupied by the underground's most
captivating writer.

From the confessional reflection of the soulful "In My Life" to the
conceptual "Bare All" to the critical "Essay on Black Music," Midaz truly is
a beast and a force to recognize. If war truly is on the horizon for this
young talent, Beast Wars is clear evidence that Midaz has been training for
battle- and it's not looking good for the competition.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Project....and more news

After a long talk today with long time friend, crew affiliate, and business associate, Conshus, a new project was concieved all off the thought of a t-shirt. I made a request on a specific t-shirt to be made. So yeah...look out for this...I dont even have a name for it yet, but i already have special guests:)

On some other sh*t.....
Check Out my peoples from Deli Entertainment on Show Off Radio at Old Westbury College.




M Dot Coop murders the freestyle and u get to hear part of a new track called "Work Ethic" i recorded for them at Quad about a month ago.
Shouts to Lastings Milledge (of the NY METS) and Manny D, both from Souljahboi Records for getting at me on some music. Lets go get this money.

Big shout out to Mic Geronimo for comin thru on some BlakOut sh* well:)

im out for now.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Beast Wars

so some months ago MidaZ hits me up on the phone on some "ehbody gotta hear all the random stuff we woulda never put out son!! cmon man!!" This birthed what we called "BlakOut Presents: MidaZ.....Beast Wars." I mixed it up to give that Soundbombing feel. Thats the greatest mixtape of all time, to me.
Anyway....this joint is finally out...and u can cop it. calls BlakOut "the new Gangstarr."
shout out to them for that.......iouno if im ready for that, but i'll take that compliment.

We also got some limited edition 7" vinyl coming with a Supastition song called "Worst Enemy" produced by Marco Polo on one side, and on the other we have a BlakOut song called "Freedom" ft. Illustrate and Supastition. It also comes with a sickass mixtape featuring the best of Florida and the best of NC. Conshus got Tshirts and ehthing poppin on that project.
Coming Soon.