Thursday, October 4, 2007

Beast Wars

so some months ago MidaZ hits me up on the phone on some "ehbody gotta hear all the random stuff we woulda never put out son!! cmon man!!" This birthed what we called "BlakOut Presents: MidaZ.....Beast Wars." I mixed it up to give that Soundbombing feel. Thats the greatest mixtape of all time, to me.
Anyway....this joint is finally out...and u can cop it. calls BlakOut "the new Gangstarr."
shout out to them for that.......iouno if im ready for that, but i'll take that compliment.

We also got some limited edition 7" vinyl coming with a Supastition song called "Worst Enemy" produced by Marco Polo on one side, and on the other we have a BlakOut song called "Freedom" ft. Illustrate and Supastition. It also comes with a sickass mixtape featuring the best of Florida and the best of NC. Conshus got Tshirts and ehthing poppin on that project.
Coming Soon.

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