Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Mixing of The Response

i-ight. So,....ahem.
Its no secret im an engineer out of Quad Studios, in Times Square. Meaning i mix and record for the most random of artists. We (BlakOut) did a song called " The Response" that i loved so much, and tried to mix it. It just wasnt coming out the way i wanted. So, being at Quad, u get to know some phenomenal engineers. One of them being the great Ben Arrindell. He's got grammys and platinum plaques at the crib, having cats like Busta Rhymes and Method Man in his discog. Im at his studio about 20 blocks south of Quad with him right now and hes touching this song up somethin lovely b. Wheeeeeww!!!!


Anonymous said...

iiight wordlife!
gotta hear the final product asap

Anonymous said...

yeeeaa!! always loved that joint