Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Critical Madness "Bringing Out The Dead" available NOW!! @MrMadness @cRITICAL_of_CM

1. Gods of War
2. Until I've Lost
3. Nuthin U Can Do
4. Where Am I Going? feat. J. Bada
5. Meal Tickets
6. Down the Line
7. 1st Amdendment feat. Sabac Red
8. To the Top feat. Joell Ortiz
9. Live From FL
10. Adult Entertainment
11. Empirical
12. I Know feat. Illustrate of Grey Matter
13. Shot Down
14. Eyes Front feat. Yah Yah & Young Zee
15. Meal Tickets Pt. 2 feat. Little Vic
16. All Jokes Aside feat. Jus One
17. Dropped

Critical Madness Album Sampler:

About the release: Critical Madness (cRITICAL + Madness) is the combination of 2 legendary battle vets who originally met in the orlando hip-hop scene and eventually partnered up after competing for the same crown in the final round of numerous open mic freestyle tournaments. What started as a couple of CM tracks has now manifested into their debut album "Bringing Out The Dead", released through Domination Recordings which features collaborations with Slaughterhouse front man Joell Ortiz as well as Sabac Red, Young Zee, long-time collaborator Little Vic and others. Covering the production side, TEMPERMENTAL produced the bulk of the LP with TzariZM adding his own brand of sickness to the stew. Marco Polo and DC the MIDI alien also contributed to the soon-to-be classic. "BOTD" covers everything from the politics down to pornography using clever lyricism & unique wordplay over infectious melodies laced with some boom bap. It is the experience of a lifetime and gives a slight peek into the influences that created this mind bending duo.

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