Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Officially doin' shows.

Just got back from Tallahassee at Club Down Below doin' a show. That was my first BlakOut show in years. The travel there wasnt far from Orlando. We got there, met up with my man Mardigan and jumped in with a couple drinks on the house. The venue was dope. Obviously beneath the surface, it had a nice bar, pool tables and all. A group named Cross Breed opened up and set off the night. Those are some good dudes, and they held down the stage correct. After that, my man Am I Am went on, and killed it. We did a song no one has ever heard before, that we prepared specifically for these shows. I think it worked. I hope so. And yeah...so i got a chance to hear some extended fam for the first time live, my man Arsun Fist, and all i gotta say is wow. I look forward to hearing a lot more from this guy. BlakOut then proceeded to the stage to do what we do. I wont speak on us, if a video surfaces, it should speak for itself. Big shout out to the whole crowd out there, all the people i met, Sin, O Plex, Mardigan, and everyone i met.


bvs said...

yo !!!! how was it in lauderdale? actually coconut creek or maybe even margate. did you drink any of the beer that you get for free with the lil red tickets?hehehe.. i was gonna warn yall .... but..hehehe .... nobody warned me.LMOL!!!!!! i see the old lady that be asking you for change all the time. she asked me yesterday. you know what i told her right? sorry, i'm F.U.I.T.G.N!!!!! haha. waiting to read the post about my home town son. don't hold back. i live there i know the good and the bad. air it out son.

Anonymous said...

yeah my dude that show at Down below was dope! thanks for the love and let's continue to build....peace