Wednesday, May 7, 2008


As i comtemplate how this project will reach the people...the one thing thats a constant in this equation is money. Money. Money. I need money. I haven't updated this blog as much as i would have liked as of recent only because im busy either makin beats or trying to get money. Ive slept on a couch for a long time now, and its not bad. Its not about getting myself dough in that sense, its about being able to put this project out the way that feel it needs to be. We have alot lined up. Being a composer is fun, man but rallying a team of people to work for you aint at all...whether theres money involved or not. I have talked to several graphic designers, agreed on pricing and everything, only to be let down buy inconsistencies, flakiness, and straight up slacking. And this has happened in many other facets putting together this project man. Sometimes i wish it was JUST about the beats...but i can't wish that all the time...because im in love with the process of a beat becoming a song, and then an album, and then a product, and then a movement. I just need some help man. Waiting on people is kinda depressing. I guess thats the nature of this game though. I aint complaining. Just know that this sh*t is dropping, and you wont be disappointed. Shouts to all those who believed from Day One.


Venus Dinero said...

Greatest hoodie ever. You rock the hell out of it!

Anonymous said...

u do great.. keep at...:)