Monday, July 7, 2008


So i got up wit Roc thru Mic Geronimo. He was tellin' me stories about how this cat would record whole albums in 34 minutes. Im exaggerating, but damn the work ethic is not a game wit Roc. We started building on the song he did with me on IMAKEMADBEATS...and its a wrap after that. Songs jus started ending up done outta nowhere. If you dont know the homey...learn him.

Check his bio on STONES THROW's website:

4th of July is known as Independence day to Americans. Its also known as Grandad's birthday to Tzar and I. This day is also they day that, in 2008, MidaZ and IMAKEMADBEATS finished recording the songs for an 13 hour session at Quad that ended at 10 am the morning of the 4th. I got home, and slept for just under 3 hours. I couldn't sleep anymore. I was too excited, and began the arrangements and premixing setups. Midaz was in the next room sleep, came in, and told me to go back to sleep, but it was too late.


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congrats keep up the good work