Thursday, November 5, 2009

Old Stuff I Found....and New Stuff to Come

So..this post is really random. I was going through random mp3s on my computer and found a lot of funny things. One of them being me showing off the Micro Korg vocoder to my cousin Synopse, sometime around 2004. Days after this, I used this vocoder to make the beat for "All Im Askin" on the Transcontinental album released this year.

So Hezekiah let me hear his addition to the IMAKEMADBEATS album dropping on Culture Kings/Domination Recordings. I'm mad hype. Definitely put the cherry on top of the project. I met Hezekiah setting up last years Smash Mouf tour with Roc C and Oh No. Good dude all around. Shouts to Hustle Simmons and all my Philly area heads.
I WISH i could post a snippet of it for you all to hear...
"IN DUE TIME" -Outkast.