Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Making of the "Let You Go" Single cover

Most of the people that have approached me with comments regarding the cover art/photography for my latest single "Let You Go" featuring MidaZ, Frukwan, J Freedome, and Kinetic 9 have all thought that I found this picture somewhere searching through Google. Then, that I photoshopped it to suit the title of the song. Actually, it was all a real, planned out, serious photo shoot with photographer Relz (www.Relzlife.com) behind the camera. Feel free to click on any of the pics to get a bigger/better view of them. Detailed stuff.

I hit up Relz and told him I wanted a cover for the single relating to the title of it. Him and J Freedome had a couple of conversations, and within a couple of days they had a photo shoot planned out. Something about a corporate looking guy at the mercy of someone not so suburban....I said "well....ok...i gotta see that...hmmm...well...hmmm." I honestly didn't expect anything like what came out, which looks like the cover of an action film on DVD. But then seeing how they did it made me appreciate it even more.
A friend of Relz's by the name of Dan Granner came through to play the corporate guy. Its funny looking at the photo above, and seeing how he really wasn't hanging at all.
Damn. Shouts to Dan Granner, cuz that looks like that could hurt. After the photoshoot, I needed someone good at text/font placement. I hit up twitter and straight up asked, "Yo, anyone good at text in photoshop?" I hate using photoshop, by the way. My man Marink, who I met at Fatbeats on tour last year with Roc C, said he would give it a try. Within minutes the cover was done.

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