Friday, December 10, 2010


The Song:

In the latest single to come from IMAKEMADBEATS' innovative dual-EP Daylight/Nightlight, IMMB enlists the lyrical styling of MidaZ The Beast to form the duo Blakout and take us into Nightlight. A stark contrast in both name and style to the Daylight side of the EP, "Flyers," the first single from Nightlight, is chock full of angry rhymes over a "venomous soundscape," as IMAKEMADBEATS calls it.

Taking aim at the darker side of life MidaZ spits about a lack of respect from promoters and all hip-hop heads in general, delivering his rant with palpable emotion, with the song's title and repeating chorus serving as the main focal point for the emcee. "I’ll never forget Method Man’s 'Torture,' says IMAKEMADBEATS, speaking on the inspiration for the song's subject matter. "In it, he said, 'Say what you like, just spell my name right.' This song is dedicated to people who don’t respect you enough to spell your name right."

Nightlight, in its edited form, will be available for free download next week. Daylight/Nightlight will be available in its full, unedited form for sale as a physical release in the near future.

Download "Flyers" for free here:


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