Wednesday, January 5, 2011

From Doxside Music Group:


With the January 18th release of IMAKEMADBEATS, Doxside Music Group is giving fans a chance to join the movement, spread the IMAKEMADBEATS face out into the world, and win some dope prizes in the process. It’s simple:

1) Email with your name and an address where we can send you your Doxside Sticker Squad Package!
2) Once your stickers arrive, start posting them up! We’re looking for the most creative, funny, or daring ways that you can tag up your favorite building, person, vehicle, etc. Don’t get arrested. But don’t be boring, either.
3) Take video or pictures of said tagging, and send it to or post it on the IMAKEMADBEATS Facebook page: (

The Top 3 entries will win the an assortment of Doxside goodness, including:

- the brand spankin’ new IMAKEMADBEATS CD, featuring Black Milk, Hezekiah, Von Pea, Butta Verses, and more.

- Japanese-import version of The Transcontinental CD, the collaborative album between IMAKEMADBEATS and Roc C, featuring Rakka Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Wildchild (Lootpack), Rapper Big Pooh (Little Brother), Oh No, and more. Features bonus track not available on domestic version.

- Your very own IMAKEMADBEATS shirt, guaranteed to intrigue anyone who crosses your path, inspire your colleagues, and strike fear in the hearts of your enemies.
- Limited Supastition/BlakOut tour-only 7-inch vinyl single, featuring the “Freedom (Remix)” (ft. Supastition, MidaZ the Beast, Illustrate of Grey Matter, and TzariZM)
- Limited CASSETTE-TAPE version of Daylight/Nightlight EP by IMAKEMADBEATS, Butta Verses, and MidaZ the Beast. That’s right, a CASSETTE dubbed straight from the IMAKEMADBEATS lab. In full-fledged, grimy case, and in a previously-unreleased, unedited format!

So what are you waiting for? Get stickers or get stuck! Now let’s gooooooo!

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