Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So You Want to know how NOT to approach a producer...?

Ok. Being a producer in 2011 and being accessible via social networks is yes a gift, and definitely a curse at times. I sometimes wonder if people being so accessible has created this world where fans and other artists have lost what it takes to properly approach ANYONE. Tonight, I will share with you one of the many times I've been approached in a manner I would not suggest ANYONE to use. I'm the last person to be giving anyone social advice, as I've been a beat hermit most of my adult life and as a kid stuttered beyond belief. But some things, cmon son. You gotta get better. Read from the bottom of the transcript upward.

Lets just skip past whatever my accomplishments I have as a producer. Whatever I've done, whoever I'ved produced for, and how successful my productions were, are all cool things that I'm proud of and have definitely propelled further into my career. But in this case...none of that matters. I wouldn't say this to a 18 year old kid who'd made beats for no one and never left his bedroom. This guys approach is fucked up. Now, I was about to post this shit up with his name and everything in it...but I fell back. This is a warning though. I'm a cool guy. Really. I'm really appreciative and look forward to working with ALL artists that approach me respectfully. Don't end up with your wackass approach getting dissed on this blog. Thanks.

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