Tuesday, January 1, 2008


is spent making a beat. They dont call me "MadBeats" for nothing man. 

Just in case u all don't know...the channel all my youtube videos are under is called "Grime Life TV." This was an idea from TzaR to show the come up of UJE artists and their affiliates. Shout out to Relz for holdin us down with that. 
Beretta catchin a nap after writin. He look like hes gone fam!
So right now MidaZ, TzaR and homie Beretta 9 of Killarmy are preppin Beretta's album to released under RZA's label in the OZONE...aka Orlando. They are going thru beats and choosing album worthy cuts. One beat i did for him, i did on the spot on video chat. Technology is crazy fam, but it aint messin wit bein actually there. I had to stay in NY cuz of some other problems...but TZ, the other half of ST, is holdin me down.

THE OSOTS BLOG SITE is officially up. check it out here: www.osots.ujempire.com
A lot of things goin on....i'll wait to let yall know:)

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