Sunday, January 20, 2008

First Rza, Then NeeM

Its been longer than i'd like since my last blog post here, and i have reason for it. So, about 4 days ago, i woke up to find water coming through my light fixture in the bed room. The light its self was sparking. At first it thought it had rained outside, and something was just leaking. I wasnt fully awake yet, so things werent coming together. Then I reallized, it hadnt rained at all. The water started to get heavier and heavier, and at first i was trying to Catch it with a bucket, but then i thought that maybe this bucket wasn't enough. It was then that I began to move all of my most important equipment out of my room. My computer first, then production tools..... just as i was gettin most of my stuff out, the ceiling collapsed and water poured into my room like the day God told Noah about. The floor was soaked and floor, some of my records were damaged...then i reached to pick up a record and the water electrocuted me. I was suspended around 3 seconds and it burned my arm and hand. i was knocked back to the kitchen, where i put a dent into the stove with my head. That day wasnt a good day.

Ironically....all this happened on the day the lease was signed for my new apartment. Great. This couldn't have happened one week later?
its all good...long as im alive and my stuff is good. Im outtie 500.

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