Thursday, February 21, 2008


"NeMo I got some craazzyy ass shit for that crazzzzyy ass beat you sent me son!" - Busta Rhymes

this phone call made my year. If it wasn't for me being excited about the creation and distribution of IMAKEMADBEATS...i dont think there would be a reason to leave my home after that statement. Things like that still get me geeked. Music, I love it.

So yeah...what im about to put up here wont be up for long... real exclusive footage..catch it while you can. Now I'll see who is really sleeping.

Butta Verses has been up for a minute...and we been knockin out some craziness at Quad...hmmm...u know what...i dont wanna say much this time. I might spoil it, and i dont wanna do that.

In random Other News....last night i got a chance to work with the singer who sang "One More Time" for Daft Punk at Quad...and wow....what an experience that was man. Talk about your eccentric people....
Auto Tune at its greatest...and thats all i will say on that:)

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