Saturday, November 15, 2008

In the Studio with Grand Puba and Jinx da Juvy

And my partner Rande aka Sarcasm tracking some new Puba shit. Sounds doooppee. Just left the crib building with fellow Brooklyn resident Sav Killz. Looking forward to working with the homie. 

So Yanase Productions gave me a date for the Japanese release of "The Transcontinental"...Dec 12th!!! It drops digitally on Koch Ent in the USA on November 25th!!! Check out the cover and tracklisting. Just in case you STILL don't know what this is, Roc C and I did a whole album with crazy features. Just check it out below. Thats the Japanese release cover....Yanase did it themselves. Crazy.

01.Introduction feat. Not Dr. Trevis

02.Still Here

03.Just a Man

04.Warrior feat. Rapper Big Pooh and Chino XL

05.Ox To Ozone feat. MidaZ the Beast

06.The Official Smash Mouf

07.Imagine That feat. Felony

08.All I'm Askin feat. Viva

09.By Any Means

10.Struggle feat. Oh No The Disrupt

11.Whisper Music

12.Won't Fall feat. Prince Po and Rakaa Iriscience

13.Hit the Floor feat. Poke Dog and Wildchild

14.The One You Love

15.Imagine That feat. Felony Punpee Remix ※bonus track

Oh yeah...on some other stuff, my homey Godamus Rhyme is a finalist in that Rhymesayers/ Jake One contest...congrats to him!!! Go vote for him!!



Anonymous said...

congrats on ur tour... i am looking forward to listening to ur music

DJ Y-NOT said...

That Japenese Cover looks fresh. I want one.

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