Friday, August 21, 2009

Introducing: The 3 Wisemen

I'm a younger brother. Not just to my blood brothers, but to a whole crew. I started doing music as part of a group of rappers and producers called The Paradox Unit. I was still in high school in Memphis,TN, meanwhile my older brother TzarizM and older first cousin Synopse, both emcees and producers, were in college in OZONE (Orlando) FL. They pretty much made it hard for me (and a lot of others) get any shine in the local scene, with Synopse producing what became the longest running no. 1 song in the underground radio countdown, and TzarizM winning/murdering every lucrative battle within a 100 mile radius. Surrounding the two were a crew of lyrical mercenaries...which I will gladly name a bit later. After getting sent back to the drawing board by the two beatsmiths what seemed like 1904 times, Syn came with the idea of calling ourselves "The 3 Wisemen," because we were the main producers of what most would say is a large crew.

In 2009, the trio returns. Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

The founder of the Paradox Unit. 1/2 of Snakeyes (Shout out to J Freedome). 1/3 of The 3 Wisemen.
The first of the 3 to explore the realm of production. He introduced a now ancient computer program called Digital Orchestrator Plus to his peers. Apparently he saw an ad for it in a magazine. It was mainly designed for Midi manipulation, but Syn transformed it into multi-track recorder. Of course, years later, the producers branched out, using tools each felt leaned more towards their style. In the first half of this decade, Synopse produced "SPIRIT," a song that took the Ozone by storm and introduced a new lineup of emcees to the world. It opened many doors for everyone involved, including myself.
He offers his new single "Do You Remember" from his upcoming album
Magic Box. He will soon be celebrating "The 10 Year Anniversary of the Album That Never Dropped," an album titled ANLAC that was obviously produced and recorded a decade ago. Until that, and his new album drop, enjoy this single.


1/2 of Strangaz Productions. 1/2 of The Heart and Brain. Ujempire Delegate. 1/3 of The 3 Wisemen.
Tzarizm has reigned supreme in several facets of this Hip-hop. Starting off as a feared battle rapper/freestyler, TZ attracted crowds all across central Florida. He then showcased his ability to produce and write actual songs, performing them across the southeast and becoming a highly sought after artist. He dropped the highly anticipated solo album "Dirty Work" in 2003 featuring some of Ozone's best.
He offers a new single from Close 2 Home, a collaboration with emcee cRITICAL from Critical Madness. Tzarizm has several projects slated for release, including an album under the group name The Heart and Brain (partnered with fellow UJE rapper Vis Major) titled Embodiment,an instrumental album, a solo EP from Tzarizm, other project collaborations with emcees Little Vic and Dynas, and of course, Close 2 Home with cRITICAL. Check Out "No Frillz" and stop sleeping.

1/2 of Strangaz Productions. 1/2 of BlakOut. Ujempire Delegate. 1/3 of The 3 Wisemen.

Me. Alongside Stonesthrow artist Roc C, The Transcontinental was released through E1/Koch on May 19th, 2009, and Dec 12th, 2008 in Japan through Yanase Productions. It features a slew of the undergrounds finest including Oh No the Disrupt, Big Pooh, Chino XL, and more. In the fall of 2008, Roc C and I embarked on the Smash Mouf Tour with guests including Oh No, Chino XL, Hezekiah, and more. Alongside MidaZ, another UJE delegate and emcee, BlakOut was formed, and we make songs. Iouno man. Its Me. I got an album comin out this fall, called IMAKEMADBEATS. It features all of your favorite rappers. You are on my Just look around. I've produced stuff for people you never would think I would work with, and produced music for release I will never be credited for. What do I offer? The music player on the right hand side of the page. There is a variety of different styles there. And my picture? Look at the top of this page.

After years of work, somehow the 3 artists have managed to set up release dates for each of their projects in the same season of the same year. Interesting.

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