Thursday, August 27, 2009


My mza my man Sean aka Sean Dammit aka Sean D!! ( in "SEAN P!!" tone) aka my manager is up in Brooklyn all the way from Ozone, FL. We've been plottin and schemin' on several things, one being the need for dope videos. Got some good ideas outlined, so the videos for the album IMMB should be quite interesting. Shout out to Grime Life Tv. Oh and big big shout out to Jamilia aka Jamz aka JaMummra. I can't say why yet....but..its nothing but goodness son!!

We did a test with Grime Life TV. We wanted to make sure that Grime Life could reach the levels of quality we needed. So Sean met up with my homie James out on Mcdonald and Church ave to record some scenes and review the quality. Check it out...

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