Monday, April 26, 2010

From @Hezekiah3rd : new ISHE get right!! or get left!! MP3

name: iSHE'

who's she?: songwriter, vocalist, lyricist, artist, creator :)

birthplace: Sunny~Southern~CALIFO'NIA...where the grass is greener :)

sound: Unorthodox~Raw~Melodic & Hypnotic...(str8 BANGIN)

sounds like: that song you wanna keep on repeat!

feels like: sex w/no condom... but ONLY if your in a monogamous relationship!!! (lol) don't get it twisted!

turn ons: dope music...dope people...(i lOvE being around folks who love themselves :)

turn offs: wack music...wack people... ( it sucks being around folks who don't lOvE themselves :(

aspiration: i have many, but at the moment i'm on a mission to turn "chickenheads" into women! (lol)... somebody's gotta' do it!

motto: if not me...then who?

watch ishe + hezekiah recording there up and coming project>>>>


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