Friday, April 16, 2010

TzariZM presents The Heart & Brain Album Sampler

Now available for free download is the The Heart & Brain "Mbodiment" Album Sampler! TzariZM & Vis Major have completed an album of straight head-nodding Boom-Bap goodness that any Hip-Hop head will appreciate from start to end. Along with The Brain, Vis Major, on the mic and the Heart, Tzarizm, on the production, this joint is definitely nothing less than the title itself. "Mbodiment" features guest appearances from Supastition aka Kam Moye, Akrobatik, Butta Verses, Wordsworth, Critical, MidaZ the Beast, Illustrate of Grey Matter and more. Get ready to feel the MBodiment of Hip-Hop!

Peep the tracklisting:
1. Intro – Fetus Musik
2. Live Sh!t
3. Jazz Kickin'
4. Ol' Man
5. Heart Beat Check (Interlude)
6. Time iz Money feat. Critical & Tamara Bernard
7. Rockstarr (R.I.P. Jimi)
8. The Heart's Message
9. Bottle Fead
10. The Setup feat. MidaZ the Beast & Illustrate (Grey Matter)
11. Life's Desire feat. Mylodic
12. My Heart Beatz feat. Butta Verses & Sekani
13. The Lung Breathez (DJ YNOT)
14. Lounge Ontop feat. Sienna Blayze
15. Serious feat. Supastition & Akrobatik
16. Brain Wave Check (Interlude)
17. Mis-Takez
18. To Love To Miss feat. Wordsworth & Illustrate (Grey Matter)
19. On The Market
20. Blood Line: Life & Death
21. This Hard Life Goes
22. Blood Transfusion (Enderlude)

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