Thursday, June 30, 2011

Before Words Were Even Said...

The image of this youtube video amazed me. You have Warren Buffett and Jay-Z being interviewed by Forbes magazine. I grew up in an era when seeing something like this seemed just as impossible as a black president. Even beyond the obvious racial significance, this is a rapper sitting next to Warren Buffett. Everyone knows hip-hop now, but I remember there not even being HIP-HOP sections of big music stores. And it wasn't like hip-hop wasn't big enough, it definitely was, it just wasn't respected. Nobody's parents dropped their kids off at school playing rap music. That stuff just wasn't happening.

"I started early at 7 years old reading my father's books. He was an investment banker." - Warren

"I started late, I never knew my dad and grew up in Marcy Projects." - Jay

...and yet here they sit, together, being interviewed by a magazine that mainly focuses on the richest people on the planet. Proof that at some point, you have to take control of your destiny, unless you want to blame the cards you were dealt for the rest of your life.

And although my early life is definitely closer to Jay's than it is Warren's, there is still so much to learn from Warren in this interview. What you can take away from this video goes far past anything hip-hop or financial. To me, its about success in general.

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