Thursday, May 3, 2012

Behind The Music: IMAKEMADBEATS - 7 Years

May 22nd, The Daylight/Nightlight Eps drop via Doxside Music Group. 2 days ago, MidaZ The Beast told you how we made the song "7 Years." Here's what I remember:

The record I chopped for that song was a Chick Corea one. I got the record in Florida somewhere (secret digging spot), and I remember listening to the song over and over again, honestly not really wanting to sample it just out of respect for how good it was. I also was wondering if I had heard it before somewhere... possibly sampled in another song? Ah. Anyway... So I actually came up with the idea for the song before I made the backdrop. When working with an artist, I often come up with ideas first, then search my brain database of samples/chord progressions/thoughts and see if there's anything there that fits the concept of the song and I can build on it. "7 years" fit this sample perfectly, but because I loved the original so much, I chose not to go crazy with the chops, and mainly add around it with organs, 2 different basses, and several other things.

When we started to record it, I remember MidaZ rapping it in classic MidaZ fashion. Like he was going to murder a rapper. I stopped the recording mid-verse and told him to be the character. It was different for he did what he had to to do to become the character. Now while the song ended up being longer than most, it captures the idea perfectly. I think the listeners will respect that.

P.S. After creating the song, I realized where I'd heard the sample before. DJ Krush used it on an instrumental album.

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