Monday, May 21, 2012

Behind the Music: @MidaZ on "The Response"

The Daylight/Nightlight EP's drop tomorrow! MidaZ wanted to tell you all the story of how "The Response" from the Nightlight EP came together. Read below.

So im with my lady one night trying to find a movie to watch in blockbuster. Its a date night so im looking for something kinda calm and (gasp) sweet. Ended up renting a flick called “The thing about my folks”, which is a movie about a guy whose parents separate after like 45 years of marriage. In in there's a part where the guys finds a letter written to his dad from his mom from waay back before they were married. Listening to the letter being read is where i got the idea for the response. I thought it would be dope to write a song from the dads perspective, responding to that letter. I held on the idea for while, which is something i do often, until i found the perfect backdrop for it. Fast forward a year or so. Im in NY getting ready to start working on NightLight with IMAKEMADBEATS. He hadnt played me any beats for months leading up to me getting up there just so that he could play them all for me for the first time in person. It was crazy. Beat after beat after beat was top notch. The beat for ‘The Response’ was one of the beats played that night (as well as some joints you’ll hear on some upcoming projects). IMAKEMADBEATS was in college at the time and he would leave me in his dorm to go to class. Thats where a lot of these joints were written. The response was knocked out one afternoon and when IMAKEMADBEATS heard it he was dumb hyped. I dont quite remember where we layed the vocals at but QUAD is the most likely spot. I do remember him making me lay it like 4 times because he wanted me to convey more emotion. After recording it, IMAKEMADBEATS went crazy on the mix. Got a dude to come into QUAD and lay the horns, tried all types of new mixing techniques, and if i remember correctly, it was the first song we actually sent out and PAID someone to get mastered. Its still one of the more beautiful mixes ive ever heard to this day. Listen to it on May 22nd when we re-release Daylight/Nightlight.

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