Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Behind The Music: @MidaZ - 7 Years

So on May 22nd, I'm dropping my next project with MidaZ the Beast and Butta Verses, which is a rerelease of The Daylight/Nightlight Ep's with Bonus cuts and extras, depending on where you get it. MidaZ came up with the idea of telling the story of how each cut came together. Here's what he's saying about the song "7 Years." In the next couple of days, I'll follow up with my perspective of making the joint. Check it out.

In 3 weeks we release to unedited version of Daylight/Nightlight. In the time until we hit u guys over the head with that, ill take the time to break down the science behind the songs on the Nightlight side of the album. First up 7 Years. Brooklyn. Imakemad Beats and myself are working on 3 albums simultaneously (The Transcontinental, Nightlight, and MidaZ Vs Pete Rock). If im not mistaken we had just taken a break from working on "Flyers" (another song on Nightlight) and imakemadbeats was going through some samples while we were scheming on them chinese wings with the fries for the $3.25 downstairs at the chinese spot. He pulled up the sample for 7 years. I pretty much instantly got inspired to write. Busted out the opening bars and froze. I usually dont come up with the idea for songs until im a few bars deep and this song was no different. I remember writing maybe half of the first verse and imakemadbeats asking me to make it darker, and and more drunk, which was tough being that it was like 2:30pm on a beautiful day and i was dumb sober. but i digress. Wrote the song was maad hyped about it and went to quad that so we could lay it down. We was in quad for maad long doing a number of songs that night, drinking and bsing...I think IDE (Creative Juices) was in the lab with us that night but im not sure. Regardless..even tho i wasnt drunk when i wrote it, i was pretty drunk by the time i layed it. So the way it came out on the record is pretty authentic. Why I wrote it? Where the inspiration came from? Not sure. Honestly the inspiration prolly mostly just came from the airiness and darkness of the backdrop. I write some wild stories and im not always sure where inside me they come from. Word. I listen back to it sometimes and feel like i didnt write it all. But its def a classic. Sidenote: Imakemadbeats also completely reworked the bassline from the one i layed that night at quad. If you know me personally ask me about it. Ill play it for you. PEACE"

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