Tuesday, May 29, 2012

IMAKEMADBEATS & MidaZ The Beast "Figaro Chain Mystery"

Figaro Chain Mystery
Doxside's own dynamic duo BlakOut (IMAKEMADBEATS + MidaZ the Beast) hit listeners off with "Figaro Chain Mystery," an apt reminder of the damage these two create when they link up on for a track. With an air of intrigue established by IMAKEMADBEATS' pensive soundtrack, MidaZ demonstrates why he's one of the most vivid storytellers in hip hop today.

This is a bonus cut from the last week released Daylight/Nightlight EP's. To listen to it in its entirety, check it out HERE. Did you see the amazing artwork for CD yet? If you haven't, view it HERE and get your the physical copies at DoxsideShop.com

Digitally now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Daylight/Nightlight EP's
The timeless battle between good and evil is a story that has been told countless times and evoked through song since the beginning of recorded music. But the story rarely takes place within the realm of one man's mind, and when it is, the line is drawn in an exaggerated way, resulting in unrealistic and unrelated characters.
Doxside Music Group producer IMAKEMADBEATS has broken the mold with his conceptual dual-EP project, Daylight/Nightlight. Featuring emcees Butta Verses and MidaZ the Beast respectively, the two pieces wholly represent the goodness of humanity and the darkest corners of man's soul. 
Daylight finds Butta Verses (best known for his collaborative work with hip hop legends De La Soul) introspectively addressing the positive changes he knows he must make in his life, all while backed by IMAKEMADBEATS' emotionally charged and soulful production. 
Nightlight flips the direction of its companion piece, and allows Doxside Music Group rapper MidaZ the Beast to do what he does best – slay hard-hitting tracks with a ferocity that has earned him a reputation amongst hip hop's lyrical elite. From  alcoholism to themes of betrayal to hurling threats towards faulty show promoters, Nightlight is a visceral assault on listeners' eardrums that still maintains a thump sure to maintain head nods and neck snaps. 
Previously released in an edited form to rave reviews amongst bloggers and online publications, Doxside Music Group is proud to release the complete version of Daylight/Nightlight, with previously unreleased tracks and inspiring album artwork by Florida visual artist Jon Didier. For listeners seeking substance in the soundtrack of their lives, IMAKEMADBEATS' Daylight/Nightlight is a breath of fresh air that demands to be heard.  

Listen to the entire album and purchase it

Check out a video showcasing CD's incredible visuals by artist Jon Didier!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Behind the Music: @MidaZ on "The Response"

The Daylight/Nightlight EP's drop tomorrow! MidaZ wanted to tell you all the story of how "The Response" from the Nightlight EP came together. Read below.

So im with my lady one night trying to find a movie to watch in blockbuster. Its a date night so im looking for something kinda calm and (gasp) sweet. Ended up renting a flick called “The thing about my folks”, which is a movie about a guy whose parents separate after like 45 years of marriage. In in there's a part where the guys finds a letter written to his dad from his mom from waay back before they were married. Listening to the letter being read is where i got the idea for the response. I thought it would be dope to write a song from the dads perspective, responding to that letter. I held on the idea for while, which is something i do often, until i found the perfect backdrop for it. Fast forward a year or so. Im in NY getting ready to start working on NightLight with IMAKEMADBEATS. He hadnt played me any beats for months leading up to me getting up there just so that he could play them all for me for the first time in person. It was crazy. Beat after beat after beat was top notch. The beat for ‘The Response’ was one of the beats played that night (as well as some joints you’ll hear on some upcoming projects). IMAKEMADBEATS was in college at the time and he would leave me in his dorm to go to class. Thats where a lot of these joints were written. The response was knocked out one afternoon and when IMAKEMADBEATS heard it he was dumb hyped. I dont quite remember where we layed the vocals at but QUAD is the most likely spot. I do remember him making me lay it like 4 times because he wanted me to convey more emotion. After recording it, IMAKEMADBEATS went crazy on the mix. Got a dude to come into QUAD and lay the horns, tried all types of new mixing techniques, and if i remember correctly, it was the first song we actually sent out and PAID someone to get mastered. Its still one of the more beautiful mixes ive ever heard to this day. Listen to it on May 22nd when we re-release Daylight/Nightlight.

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Video: @KapKallous + Vikto Beats

One of Ozone's finest over a Vikto Beats production. #Salute

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Behind The Music: IMAKEMADBEATS - 7 Years

May 22nd, The Daylight/Nightlight Eps drop via Doxside Music Group. 2 days ago, MidaZ The Beast told you how we made the song "7 Years." Here's what I remember:

The record I chopped for that song was a Chick Corea one. I got the record in Florida somewhere (secret digging spot), and I remember listening to the song over and over again, honestly not really wanting to sample it just out of respect for how good it was. I also was wondering if I had heard it before somewhere... possibly sampled in another song? Ah. Anyway... So I actually came up with the idea for the song before I made the backdrop. When working with an artist, I often come up with ideas first, then search my brain database of samples/chord progressions/thoughts and see if there's anything there that fits the concept of the song and I can build on it. "7 years" fit this sample perfectly, but because I loved the original so much, I chose not to go crazy with the chops, and mainly add around it with organs, 2 different basses, and several other things.

When we started to record it, I remember MidaZ rapping it in classic MidaZ fashion. Like he was going to murder a rapper. I stopped the recording mid-verse and told him to be the character. It was different for him...so he did what he had to to do to become the character. Now while the song ended up being longer than most, it captures the idea perfectly. I think the listeners will respect that.

P.S. After creating the song, I realized where I'd heard the sample before. DJ Krush used it on an instrumental album.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Behind The Music: @MidaZ - 7 Years

So on May 22nd, I'm dropping my next project with MidaZ the Beast and Butta Verses, which is a rerelease of The Daylight/Nightlight Ep's with Bonus cuts and extras, depending on where you get it. MidaZ came up with the idea of telling the story of how each cut came together. Here's what he's saying about the song "7 Years." In the next couple of days, I'll follow up with my perspective of making the joint. Check it out.

In 3 weeks we release to unedited version of Daylight/Nightlight. In the time until we hit u guys over the head with that, ill take the time to break down the science behind the songs on the Nightlight side of the album. First up 7 Years. Brooklyn. Imakemad Beats and myself are working on 3 albums simultaneously (The Transcontinental, Nightlight, and MidaZ Vs Pete Rock). If im not mistaken we had just taken a break from working on "Flyers" (another song on Nightlight) and imakemadbeats was going through some samples while we were scheming on them chinese wings with the fries for the $3.25 downstairs at the chinese spot. He pulled up the sample for 7 years. I pretty much instantly got inspired to write. Busted out the opening bars and froze. I usually dont come up with the idea for songs until im a few bars deep and this song was no different. I remember writing maybe half of the first verse and imakemadbeats asking me to make it darker, and and more drunk, which was tough being that it was like 2:30pm on a beautiful day and i was dumb sober. but i digress. Wrote the song was maad hyped about it and went to quad that so we could lay it down. We was in quad for maad long doing a number of songs that night, drinking and bsing...I think IDE (Creative Juices) was in the lab with us that night but im not sure. Regardless..even tho i wasnt drunk when i wrote it, i was pretty drunk by the time i layed it. So the way it came out on the record is pretty authentic. Why I wrote it? Where the inspiration came from? Not sure. Honestly the inspiration prolly mostly just came from the airiness and darkness of the backdrop. I write some wild stories and im not always sure where inside me they come from. Word. I listen back to it sometimes and feel like i didnt write it all. But its def a classic. Sidenote: Imakemadbeats also completely reworked the bassline from the one i layed that night at quad. If you know me personally ask me about it. Ill play it for you. PEACE"