Thursday, March 6, 2008

Now...This is what a producer goes through.

I took out this cat's name cuz I ain't the one to put someone CrazY on blast, but i will put this on regular blast. Nothing personal to you bruh, really. I hope the same success that i mentioned in our AIM convo, but damnit, when will niggas stop f**kin playin themselves. Just peep. It starts off with me simply making a joke about entering a contest, only to end up congratulating this person who I have known for a some years, but has never been my homie, close friend, even affiliate. I don't call him to chill or hang out, or expect him at my bday party.Just a cat around the way doing his thing thats gets respect when Im out and about. Read.

1:11:42 PM NeMo Strange: let me jump in the street life battle son
1:11:46 PM NeMo Strange: i represent.
1:15:08 PM Rapper/BattleHost: lol
1:16:08 PM NeMo Strange: how much is it to enter son. i got it.
1:16:20 PM Rapper/BattleHost: $30
1:16:57 PM NeMo Strange: to enter the street life battle? it should be 2 dollars, same price as a subway ride, nah mean.
1:28:01 PM Rapper/BattleHost: lol
1:28:51 PM NeMo Strange: congrats on all, much money and sucess to ya.
1:32:07 PM Rapper/BattleHost: you should send me some beats sir
1:34:37 PM NeMo Strange: for ur showcase?
1:35:11 PM Rapper/BattleHost: for me to check out
1:37:57 PM NeMo Strange: no doubt. nothin personal brother, but i would have to charge you. I hope you don't take that the wrong way.
Rapper/BattleHost Changed status to Idle (1:52:12 PM)
and never returns.

notice there's no "thanks man" response to me congratuling him. Just goes straight for the jug my man. BEATS. Soon as i say bring up dough, nigz disappear. Atleast have the decency to say "no doubt, i aint got that" or "i wasn't looking to spend much dough" or something.

THIS IS WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING. THIS IS MY CRAFT! who goes to college to be an engineer, to work for free????
man i gotta pay rent, phone bills, heat bills, electro bills, water n all that sh*t, and it aint cheap in BK, NY.

Imma start forwarding IM's to my manager and call it a night.

IMAKEMADBEATS 08....ehthing changes with it.


DJ Y-NOT said...

I feel the same way with this DJ ish. Let's get rich or die blogging.

NeMo Strange said... doubt Ynot!

Anonymous said...

i guess you jus not suppose to eat lolol or live ...jus give up ya life homie and pass beats to everybody who simply asks for them lolol oh thas funny..lolol
some people jus fail in life lolol