Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Steele of Smif n Wessun n Yuk

In the lab this friday. Should be great. I should have some kinda video of that up afterwards, but once again, like the previous video, it won't be for long.

I have been doing a lot of mixing lately, some for Butta Verses up n coming album to be released on Domination Recordings, and others ranging from Bollywood Movie scores to new artists on Pharrell's Star Trak label. Its been an interesting first month in my new home in Brooklyn. I see a lot outside of my window i've never seen outside of a window, cuz i've never lived on a main street in my life. Here, I've seen anything from random beatdowns, to not-so-sane people yelling "helicopter!" over and over again, to the same old lady asking me for change 1531413 times a day, and not reallizing im the same person. Some of these things we had in Memphis, but some of this stuff is just strange. The 4th day i was in this apt, i saw a man fall from like the 20th flight of some building in the distance, then another man fall right after him. The first man died (rip) and the second lived. I have also seen snow go 100% horizontal....and not FALL at all...just fly to the left...down the street. Butta V also saw something flying from the sky around midnight one night. The sincerity in his face and eyes led to me believe somethin was about to go down!....its all good though.

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