Monday, March 3, 2008


"NeMo i need some of that food brother. You got me on that? Get me some beats!" - Spliff Star @3:47am

Is it me or do cats take themselves wayyyy too seriously man. More and more i see it. I aint saying be the most modest "let a brother get the shirt off ya back" type of person, but damn, don't let YOU trip YOU up.
It aint that damn serious.

....At least dont do that where im from:)

Random thought: If it was up to me, I would never show my face in this rap sh*t. I'd just be a sillouhette (spelling?) of myself. Rap dudes is so caught up in themselves man. So caught up, when you reach out, they deny you, not knowing who you are and what you bring to the table. AND THESE DUDES IS NOBODY. Sillouhette huh? hmmmm... You know what, thats not a bad idea.

hmmm....**wheels are spinning**

AND ...
a pic for the road....TzaRizM, J-Zone, Critical, and ....IMAKEMADBEATS.


butta verses said...

aw man now you gonna have everybody thinking i'm all crazy cause i was the only person on the planet of brooklyn to see the ufo that PEOPLE OF BROOKLYN, ON FEBRUARY 26th AT APPROXIMATELY 1:00 AM AN UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBECT FLEW RIGHT PAST NEMO"S WINDOW. GOSPEL!!!!!

glad to see you made it out of that fire alive son!! it's gonna take more than fire and brimstone to bring you down my brother.

Illustrate said...


Exactly! You know where we at on this tho. Just keep moving at the pace your life is moving and fuk erything else son.

"Nemostrate the Album"...Destructively Humble