Friday, March 7, 2008


Man. So....Im here at Quad, just got my Sesame Chicken from the chinese restaurant. These the delivery guy comes up to studio c, where im chillin, gettin ready for Steele and Yuk to come thru. This man gives me my food...the total was 6.80. I gave him 8 dollars man. 8 dollars. This man has the nerve to tell me, "thats not a good tip." Thats atleast what he was trying to say in his broken english. "Not a good tip, only 1 dollar!" I told him "heres a good tip, get an education bruh. Or intern here at quad." This is some 45 year old man riding a bike around manhattan. Get outta here wit that son.
They start demanding more money now?? It aint like i didnt give him a tip at all, he wanted MORE money. My assistant for the night, Corey, was lost as well.

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